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The inn shortly after its completion

The Original House

The Owners

In the late 1890’s, William P. Rogers originally built the house that is now Grant Street Inn for his bride Belle at the corner of Seventh and Lincoln streets in Bloomington, Indiana. William Rogers was a well-known Bloomington lawyer who later became dean of the Indiana University and Cincinnati University law schools.

Subsequent owners included William Graham, the Bloomington, Indiana businessman who built the Graham Hotel, and William N. Showers, owner of Showers Brothers Furniture factory, at one time the largest furniture manufacturing plant in the United States.

Charles and Martha Ziegler bought the house from Florence Fulwider in 1944, and the First Presbyterian Church assumed full ownership in May 1987 at the time of Mr. Ziegler’s death.

Preparing for the four block move

Preparing for the four block move

The Petition & Promise

When the First Presbyterian Church began to expand its own facilities without making plans to preserve the house, the university students living in the house collected 200 signatures on a petition of protest. Bloomington Restorations, Inc. negotiated an agreement between the church and CFC, Inc. in which CFC, Inc. bought the house for one dollar and a promise to relocate it.

Second-floor hallway during the restoration

Second-floor hallway during the restoration

The Move

In the spring of 1990, CFC, Inc. moved the house to its present location in Bloomington, Indiana. The Grant Street Inn was created primarily as a way to use the house. The original building was joined with the Gilstrap house at the corner of Grant and Seventh. The inn operated with 14 rooms until 1996, when it was expanded to its current size by converting the two neighboring buildings into ten additional rooms.