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Good Music, Good Friends, Good Brew

How has everyone been doing?  We are all in the thick of the holidays and I am sure a good number of you could use a drink.  What is that?  You do not want watered down liquor or cheap beer … Continue reading

03. December 2012 by tranard
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A Simple Solution To A Frustrating Problem

One issue that guests have been having lately here at the inn is the lack of restaurants outside of sandwich/pizza/burger joints that provide delivery services to the inn.  They want more variety! Guests have traveled all day, want a full meal and … Continue reading

29. September 2012 by tranard
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A Quick Guide to Bloomington Nightlife

Recently at the Inn, I have had numerous guests come up and ask me where the best places are to go on whatever given night.  I really find myself a bit confused when answering this question just because there are … Continue reading

08. September 2012 by tranard
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The Students Are Upon Us! Where Shall I Drink?!

Howdy everybody.  You might have noticed that it has been awhile since my previous post.  First off I would like to apologize for my absence.  Today I wanted to address something that I have not touched on as of yet. … Continue reading

20. August 2012 by tranard
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The Village Deli-You Will NOT Leave Hungry!

Who likes getting what they paid for?  I’m pretty sure most would agree that if you pay 10 bucks for something that it would be nice to get 10 bucks worth of product in return.  I’ve found over the past … Continue reading

03. August 2012 by tranard
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Sweet Claire Has Got It Going On!

Ok, right now I’m about to hit you with some top secret knowledge.  Sweet Claire gourmet bakery located at 309 East Third Street has some truly phenomenal food!  I have lived in Bloomington for most of my life and I … Continue reading

23. July 2012 by tranard
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A Relief From The Heat

Ever get that feeling like you’re about to spontaneously combust?  That seems to be an unnervingly common one here as of late in the Bloomington area.  I guess let me put it this way, it has been hot…REALLY hot!  All … Continue reading

14. July 2012 by tranard
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