Sweet Claire Has Got It Going On!

Ok, right now I’m about to hit you with some top secret knowledge.  Sweet Claire gourmet bakery located at 309 East Third Street has some truly phenomenal food!  I have lived in Bloomington for most of my life and I am kicking myself that I was not able to find out about this place earlier.  A week or so ago my fiancé brought me a sandwich for lunch.  My first impression was not really a good one.  I watched her sit a large blob of tin foil on my desk and I could only assume that there was something inside of all that foil.  Despite the funky wrapping job I was welcomed by the smell of the bread and the very appealing looks of the sandwich inside the fortress of foil.  It was a very healthy portion of ham with a large piece of amazing mozzarella cheese “sandwiched” between two pieces of some of the best focaccia bread I have had the pleasure of eating.  I am no food critic and my tastes are by no means always “good” but this sandwich was giggle inducing.  I really think while I was eating I giggled. That’s how much I liked it.  It is odd but it is the truth and I am not one to lie!

I have Sweet Claire gourmet bakery to thank for that magical giggle inducing sandwich.  While doing a bit of research I found that the owner of Sweet Claire is a graduate of the Artisanal Bread Baking course at the French Culinary Institute in New York City.  No wonder the bread was out of this world.  Along with sandwiches Sweet Claire also has a wide selection of breads, pastries, and cookies.  I also had the pleasure of having some of their cookies and I was not disappointed.  The folks at Sweet Claire know what they’re doing!

This place is really a treat and is now one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch.  It is also very close to the Grant Street Inn so you all should get your taste buds ready and go see what is going on down at Sweet Claire gourmet bakery!  You won’t regret it!

Access the Sweet Claire website for current offerings and business hours here.

Access the Sweet Claire menu here.

23. July 2012 by tranard
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  1. Happen to be trying to find this and learned much more than anticipated in this article. Thanks.

  2. Great! Happy we could help. Thanks for reading!

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