The Village Deli-You Will NOT Leave Hungry!

Who likes getting what they paid for?  I’m pretty sure most would agree that if you pay 10 bucks for something that it would be nice to get 10 bucks worth of product in return.  I’ve found over the past few months that I am fairly cynical about this when it comes to restaurants.  Many times I have paid 25 dollars for about 10 dollars worth of food.  Is the food good? Of course it is but it would be nice to have more than 2 bites worth of food on my plate.  More often than not when I am waiting on my food to get to my table I am secretly preparing myself for the crushing realization that I have ordered what amounts to a gourmet kids meal.

This was exactly the way I was feeling as I waited for my breakfast at The Village Deli.  I had ordered a three egg omelet with cheese and sausage (my arteries thanked me later).  I sat there at the table wondering what it would be like since this was my first time at The Village Deli.  Would it be a baby portion?  Would it be a hearty amount?  I had no idea and the tension at the table was palpable.

When the omelet finally arrived I could have sworn that they had used three ostrich eggs to make it.  It was HUGE!  Not to mention that it looked like they stuffed 5 pounds of sausage and cheese into the thing.  This omelet had the rare trait of being as large as a child and delicious.  I willed myself to eat every last bite and by the end I was completely satisfied and about 6 pounds heavier.  It was a good day!

I can only speak for their breakfasts but my experience with The Village Deli is that you get your money’s worth and more!  Omelets that are packed to the brim with goodness and pancakes that could double as area rugs.  Those pancakes are huge but are not dried out or crumbly like many large pancakes I’ve had in the past.  All I can say is that I had a big smile on my face as I was leaving The Village Deli.  In my book my money was well spent.

You can reach The Village Deli’s website here.

Have you got your money’s worth at The Village Deli?  Put your experiences in the comments section below!

03. August 2012 by tranard
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