The Comedy Attic-The Funniest Bloomington Has To Offer!

Are you ever in a mood when you just feel like laughing?  I find myself with that good ol’ feeling quite often.  When I do I head on down to The Comedy Attic located at 123 S. Walnut Street.  The Comedy Attic is Indiana’s first and only full-time comedy club!   This place, though it looks humble enough brings in some of the most well-known comedic acts from all over the country.  For example, later this year Tim Meadows from Saturday Night Live fame and Michael Winslow from Police Academy, Spaceballs, and Gremlins will perform.  These are just 2 of the many great comedians who come through Bloomington.  If one of these national acts are not coming through Bloomington, The Comedy Attic also has its own roster of up and coming artists who will really get your sides hurting.

Show schedules are Thursdays at 8pm; Fridays at 8pm and 10:30; Saturdays at 8pm and 10:30. Open Mic Nights are Wednesdays at 8pm.  Tickets usually range from 8 to 20 dollars depending on the act and the seating section.  There is also a two item minimum for each show.  That just means that you can pick any combination of food/beverage that you like and that is all you have to buy.  If you cannot pick 2 items then a charge for the 2 cheapest items they have will be added to your bill.  They do this to guarantee that they can afford to bring in great acts week after week.

I really do endorse going to The Comedy Attic at least once just to try it out.  It is a fun option for a night out that doesn’t involve the usual plan of dinner and a movie.  You can check their schedule of acts on their website here.

30. August 2012 by tranard
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