A Day-Trip is in Order

OK, so now I’m going to let you all in on something that really gets my blood pumping.  This is a little spot in the Bloomington area that I guarantee many visitors to Bloomington do not know about.  Actually, I would venture to say that maybe 5% of visitors to Bloomington know about this.  It is something so awe-inspiring that specific people have traveled cross-country to see it.  It is something so great that it ranks among the top 3 in the WORLD in its category.  It is something so colossal that its shadow can be seen from space! Ok, I’m not sure about that last part but this thing is monstrous.  What is it that dwarfs everything around it for miles?  This thing, this titan, this wonder is the Tulip Train Trestle!

So it might not be quite what you were expecting but the Tulip Trestle is a very neat destination for anyone with an afternoon to kill and a taste for adventure.  The Tulip Trestle is the longest train trestle in the United States and 3rd longest in the world!  This makes it a destination not only for train enthusiasts (which I know we all are at heart) but also for folks who just like to see big stuff. I mean c’mon, people travel to see giant balls of yarn.

If you are not content with viewing the trestle from ground level there is a path running from the base of the structure that leads to the top.  I am not promoting this because technically it is illegal to trespass on the trestle.  I personally might have ventured up it a few dozen times but it was wrong and no one should do it…unless you really want to….and no one is looking…but for the record I am not promoting it…even if it is really neat!

Here is a link to the Wikipedia page for the Tulip Trestle that has a bit of background information available for you.

A Google Map of the simplest route to the trestle is linked here.


Longest Trestle in the United States


07. October 2012 by tranard
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