A Simple Solution To A Frustrating Problem

One issue that guests have been having lately here at the inn is the lack of restaurants outside of sandwich/pizza/burger joints that provide delivery services to the inn.  They want more variety! Guests have traveled all day, want a full meal and are not really jumping at the prospect of venturing out at night in an unknown town to find a place to eat. They want good food that can be delivered to them.

If this situation sums up yours right now then Straight to your Door is here to help.  By visiting s2yd.com you can have full meals from a variety of restaurants around town delivered to the inn for your convenience.  All you do is type in the inn’s address which is 310 North Grant Street and you’ll be given a list of all the participating restaurants in town.  From there you put in your order, pay online, and Straight to your Door will deliver your meal to the inn without you ever having to leave your room!

This is really a great service for those who are worn out from a long  journey and just want to relax.



29. September 2012 by tranard
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