Good Music, Good Friends, Good Brew

How has everyone been doing?  We are all in the thick of the holidays and I am sure a good number of you could use a drink.  What is that?  You do not want watered down liquor or cheap beer from one of the college bars?  Although your request is pretty hard to come by in a college town; I think that I found a place that just might give you what you need.

The Tap is the new craft beer bar that recently opened on the corner of Kirkwood and College Ave.  This intersection is on the southwest side of the downtown square.  Now if you are hungry then you better stop by somewhere else first because The Tap does not concern itself with food.  If you want a fine red wine then go somewhere else because they do not worry about serving wine or any liquor.  The only thing that The Tap cares about is serving up a range of delicious, varied, and delicious beers.  Did I say delicious twice?  I’ll say it three times!  DELICIOUS BEER!

Every day the beers on tap get cycled out so you can have new choices every single day.  If bottled beer is more your style then they have a menu of 500 different bottled beers that you can try.  Now these are not just 500 variations of Bud Light mind you.  There were beers on that menu whose name I could not even pronounce but I sure could drink them!  Every single one that I tried was so good and really had a unique flavor.  I would also like to add that they have these things called beer shots…you’ll just have to try those out for yourselves!

Prices on these beers varied greatly so do not just close your eyes and randomly select a beer.  Some of them were very pricey.  Make sure you know what you are getting before the bill catches you off guard.  That being said these beers are quality offerings and do deserve to have a little bit extra spent on them.

Lastly, I would like to add that The Tap does have live music on many nights!  The performers vary in style but will all provide ample entertainment to accompany your drinks.  These acts usually start around 9:30pm on most occasions but I believe these times are subject to change.

You can visit The Tap’s website here to check out the menu and event calendar.

03. December 2012 by tranard
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