William Rogers built The Zeigler House as a gift for his bride, Belle.


Charles and Martha Ziegler bought the house.


First Presbyterian Church gained ownership of The Ziegler House following Charles’ passing. 


The establishment served as a 7-apartment student rental house. 

The church began to expand its facilities without making plans to preserve the house. Concerned university students collected signatures on a protest petition. 

Cook family agreed to save and relocate the house. Moved it one and a half blocks east to its current location.

The Ziegler House undergoes renovation.


Grant Street Inn opened with 14 rooms.


Nearby structures, today known as The Dargan House and The Buttercup Cottage were converted from apartments to additional guest rooms increasing the room count to 24.


Grant Street Inn constructed the first LEED-certified building, The Hoosier House, accounting for an additional 16 rooms.